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Dodge Viper GTS paint protection by First Impression Premier Auto Detail Sarasota FL 9 Oct First Impression

Dodge Viper Paint Protection

This 2013 Dodge Viper GTS Launch Edition (#80 of 150 made) was brought to us for a full paint correction, full front to be wrapped in Xpel Ultimate paint protective film clear bra, 3M Crystalline window tint treatment and Gtechniq Crystal Serum ceramic coating application. Wheels and calipers were also cleaned, polished and ceramic coated.

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Ferrari 488 clear bra installation by First Impression Premier Auto Detail Sarasota FL 5 Oct First Impression
Porsche 918 Spyder Ceramic coated by First Impression Premier Auto Detail Sarasota FL 4 Oct First Impression

Ceramic Coating Your Car

Why Should I Get a Ceramic Coating on My Car?

Within the last few years, ceramic coatings have become very popular due to their performance, longevity and high gloss, Many car enthusiasts are saying good bye to waxes and getting a ceramic coating applied on their cars. But, what is a ceramic coating?

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McLaren 570S 3M window tint by First Impression Premier Auto Detail Sarasota FL 4 Oct First Impression

Why is Window Tint Necessary?

Why do I need my windows tinted?

We live in Florida, “The Sunshine State”. Where the sun is out and temperatures are high most of the year. Our skin, the interior of the vehicle as well as the interior of our homes are exposed to the damaging effects of the UV rays.

Using window film in your home and in your car will help to protect you, your loved ones and your property from the vary damaging effects of the sun. Over a period of time, the harmful UV rays contribute to fading and deterioration of interior furniture, leather trim and flooring. The sun will also cause very high temperatures to build up  inside your vehicle, it can damage your skin, increase the risk of skin cancer, and its glare can cause eyestrain. All of these are more than enough reasons to have the windows in your residence and in your vehicle tinted.

A high performance window tint offers a long term solution to help prevent skin cancer

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Ferrari 488 GTB Clear Bra by First Impression Premier Auto Detail Sarasota 3 Oct First Impression

A Clear Bra is the best paint protection for your car

Why is a Clear Bra the best protection for my car?

Throughout the course of daily driving, stones, road debris, bugs and bird droppings are some of the many things that can and will inflict damage to the paintwork of your new car. It will never be the same again!

Luckily, the advancement in technology has provided an elegant, clear, cutting-edge solution to this issue.

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Tesla Model S detailed by First Impression Premier Auto Detail Sarasota FL 2 Oct First Impression

How to properly protect my new Tesla

How to Properly Protect my New Tesla?

The day is here! For many it has taken years of sacrifices and savings to be able to buy their new Tesla Model 3, Model S or Model X. That new car smell, the high gloss on the paint, the soft leather trim are things that capture all of your senses and makes you a proud owner of a new Tesla. Once the entire delivery process has been completed, you now have the keys to your new Tesla and you drive it home with a huge smile on your face. Now what?

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