About the Owner – Pete Borras

1 Feb

About the Owner – Pete Borras

President / Master Detailer

You may have never heard of Pete Borras until now. However Pete has an extensive background in the auto detailing and paint correction business. Pete Borras is well known by car enthusiast who demand nothing but the best in the business. His experience and uncompromising high standards have made him renowned.

Pete’s passion for the art of fine car detailing started back in 1993 when a family friend and owner of a detail studio in Miami, FL invited him to his shop to help him with a couple of cars. It was then when Pete discovered his passion not just for cars but for the art of detailing. After years of training, in 1997 Pete decided to start his own mobile detailing business in Tampa, FL. were he cared for some of the finest cars in the market. In 2013, Pete moved his business down to Sarasota FL. were he now has his detail studio to better serve the Florida west coast.

Pete is dedicated, hard-working and, most importantly, very passionate about what he does. Give Pete a call today and let him discuss with you the specific needs of your automobile and show you first hand the difference he brings to the business.

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