A Clear Bra is the best paint protection for your car

Ferrari 488 GTB Clear Bra by First Impression Premier Auto Detail Sarasota 3 Oct

A Clear Bra is the best paint protection for your car

Why is a Clear Bra the best protection for my car?

Throughout the course of daily driving, stones, road debris, bugs and bird droppings are some of the many things that can and will inflict damage to the paintwork of your new car. It will never be the same again!

Luckily, the advancement in technology has provided an elegant, clear, cutting-edge solution to this issue.

The Paint Protective Film (PPF) also known as “Clear Bra” is an invisible shield that protect your new car’s finish from the hazards of the road as well as the environment. This transparent energy-absorbing polyurethane film will keep your vehicle looking new longer without altering the design features or color of the paintwork by protecting the high impact areas like the hood, bumper, fenders, headlights, mirrors, rocker panels and  rear fenders. By doing so, you’re not only protecting the finish of the vehicle but also its resale value.

A Clear bra will protect your car and it can enhance its resale value in the future

We, at First Impression only use the latest techniques and best protective films on the market. We are currently offering Xpel Ultimate, Xpel Stealth and Suntek Ultra paint protective films. These films are backed by a 10 year warranty. They can be safely removed from the factory paint, and offers all of the protection your new car needs without having to worry about yellowing, cracking, hazing and blistering that can happen with other cheaper less-advanced films on the market today.

Benefits of a Clear Bra

  • Helps prevent rock chips
  • Prevents bug damage
  • Stops discoloration of the paintwork caused by UV rays
  • Protects against scratches
  • Enhances resale value

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