Importance of Paint Correction

1 Feb

Importance of Paint Correction

Paint correction is the craft of creating the sharpest reflection possible without hiding or masking defects while removing the least amount of paint possible through the use of safe, modern and proper polishes and techniques. This service is what separates the true professionals from the rest, a skill set that is master by very few.

The Ceramic Pro line of products is formulated by a qualified chemist with a high level of experience in the industrial protective coating field, Ceramic Pro has been specifically formulated for Automotive substrates and is always undergoing extensive testing for new and improved versions to take the coating industry to new levels.

The paintwork on a car is exposed to many environmental challenges on a daily basis, things like bird droppings, road grime, water spots, car wash tunnels, the use of poor detailing techniques and or products, etc. Unfortunately, all of these things can ruin the finish of a car and leave it looking dull, faded and with lots of swirls and scratches. The accumulation of these things will not only take away from your vehicle’s appearance but it will reduce the resale value of the car as well.

Dealerships, car washes and unskilled detailers are some of the people who offer paint correction or polishing. BUYER BEWARE!!!. This places are NOT qualified, properly trained and lack the necessary skills to perform such service. Many things can and will go wrong, such as: introduce swirl marks on your vehicle, burn paint on the edges, burn delicate plastic trim, cause premature clearcoat failure due to too much clear coat removal (many places use very harsh compounds to polish cars), just to mention a few. At First Impression we are constantly fixing work that was performed incorrectly by unskilled “detailers”, bodyshops and prep departments at dealerships. Avoid the risks and the hassle by coming to us.

When done professionaly, paint correction is entirely safe and it will not cause any damage to your paint

Paint correction is a craft that requires passion, precission, patience and a high degree of skill. First Impression Premier Auto Detail is the top paint correction facility in the state and one of the top in the country because passion is what drives us. We are paint correction specialists. We use the finest and latest polishes, tools and equipments to achieve the ultimate finish on every car. First impression works hard at staying as one of the leaders in the industry thru continuous education and training. You can trust your vehicle to us and rest assured it couldn’t be on better hands.

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