Why is Window Tint Necessary?

McLaren 570S 3M window tint by First Impression Premier Auto Detail Sarasota FL 4 Oct

Why is Window Tint Necessary?

Why do I need my windows tinted?

We live in Florida, “The Sunshine State”. Where the sun is out and temperatures are high most of the year. Our skin, the interior of the vehicle as well as the interior of our homes are exposed to the damaging effects of the UV rays.

Using window film in your home and in your car will help to protect you, your loved ones and your property from the vary damaging effects of the sun. Over a period of time, the harmful UV rays contribute to fading and deterioration of interior furniture, leather trim and flooring. The sun will also cause very high temperatures to build up  inside your vehicle, it can damage your skin, increase the risk of skin cancer, and its glare can cause eyestrain. All of these are more than enough reasons to have the windows in your residence and in your vehicle tinted.

A high performance window tint offers a long term solution to help prevent skin cancer

The Skin Cancer Foundation highly recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive sun protection program. A high performance window tint offers all day skin protection which helps prevent skin cancer. Our high quality line of window films block over 99% of the harmful UV rays and offer a long term solution to help prevent skin cancer.

At First Impression we carry 3M Color Stable, Xpel XR Nano-Ceramic, and 3M Crystalline line of films to provide our customers with the absolute best film within their budget.

What are the Benefits of Window Tint?

  • Blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Reduces Glare
  • Blocks heat
  • Enhances comfort
  • Ads style to your vehicle
  • Ads privacy

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